Australian Embassy
United Arab Emirates

Mail in Passport Applications

Eligible Australians can now mail in, courier or drop off their completed passport renewal applications to the Australian Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Australian Consulate in Dubai. 

All first-time child and adult (including 16-17 years old) passport applications must still be lodged in person. 

If you are eligible for a streamlined renewal, you can mail or drop off your application. The application must include:

  • a completed, signed and dated application form. Make sure you keep your signature within the white box!
  • two Australian standard passport photos. Please write your full name on the back of one of the photos.

If applying for a subsequent child passport (excluding 16 and 17 years old), you can mail in or drop off the application. The application must include:

  • a completed PC8 overseas passport application form, including signed and witnessed parental consent. Children over the age of 10 years must also sign on page 5 of the form, within the white box.
  • two recent Australian standard passport photos of the child. One photo must have the child's name written on the back, endorsed by a guarantor.
  • clear photocopies of identification for both parents providing consent. Identification should include full name and signature. 
  • evidence of current residential address (eg, clear photocopy of tenancy contract, utility bill, DEWA or Tawthiq).

Once the application has been assessed as complete, you will receive an online payment link to make payment for the new passport. Your application will remain on hold until payment is received. 


For an adult passport renewal, you must be 18 years and over and you will need a passport that:

  • was issued when you were aged 16 or older
  • was issued on or after 1 January 2006
  • had, when it was issued, at least two years’ validity
  • has your current name, date of birth, place of birth and gender, and
  • has not been reported lost, stolen, or cancelled.

If you can answer yes to all the above, complete your passport renewal application online.

You can then mail, courier or deliver to the Australian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, or the Australian Consulate-General in Dubai.

If you don’t meet these criteria, you’ll need lodge your application in person by scheduling an appointment at the Australian Embassy in Abu Dhabi or the Consulate-General in Dubai.

Passport applictions can be mailed in, couriered or delivered for children up to age 15 years, who have held a previous passport. First-time child applications or children aged 16 and 17 must be lodged in person.

Urgent Travel

If you have urgent travel, you may be eligible to apply for an Emergency Passport. Please contact the Australian Embassy or the Australian Consulate-General for further advice.