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Australian - Arab relations

Australia's Role

Australia is one of the world's multicultural societies, built on parliamentary democracy, rule of law and a market economy. It is comprised of people from more than 140 different nations and encompasses all of the world's major languages, cultures, traditions and religions.

Approximately 300,000 Muslims live in Australia, and there are more than 100 mosques. 

Council for Australian - Arab Relations

The Council for Australian-Arab relations (CAAR) was established in 2003 to strengthen ties and understanding between Australia and Arab countries.

Council members are drawn from business, government and the academic community. The council focuses primarily on commercial and people-to-people links. It also works to strengthen academic and educational ties and to broaden awareness of each other's history, politics, culture, music and science and technology.

The decision to establish the council followed key recommendations by the Australian Parliament\'s Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, which published a review of Australia\'s relations with the Middle East region. The new council will help build bridges between Australia and Arab countries and confirm that Australia has great respect and admiration for Islam, highly values its own Muslim communities and looks forward to closer links with Arab countries. It will build on the recent spectacular growth in Australia\'s trade with the Middle East.

Foreign policy

Advancing the National Interest is the Government's - and Australia's - second foreign and trade policy White Paper. It is a comprehensive assessment of Australia's place in the world and articulation of the Government's strategies to protect and promote the security and prosperity of Australia and our people.

Trade policy

The Australian Government's ambitious trade policy is geared towards increasing economic activity, creating jobs and getting a fair deal for Australia in the international marketplace. This all adds up to more jobs, more choice for consumers, and a higher standard of living for all Australians.

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