Australian Embassy
United Arab Emirates

Travel Advice

When travelling overseas, it's your responsibility to take care of your safety and wellbeing. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Smartraveller website offers the latest travel advisories and other traveller hints, including specific travel advice for the UAE. You can also subscribe to email notifications: we will deliver the latest updates to your inbox and SMS critical alerts in a crisis. 

Our travel advice will help you understand the risks and what you can do to avoid or handle difficulties. Don't expect the Australian Government to be able to get you out of trouble during your travels. Read the Consular Services Charter for what we can and can't do to help you overseas.  

Travel insurance and advice levels

Before booking travel and purchasing travel insurance, ensure you're aware of and comfortable with the advice level for your destination. Some policies will only allow you to cancel for safety reasons if the advice level increases after you've bought your policy.

If the advice level hasn't changed, most travel insurers won't cover your cancellation costs if you decide not to go for safety reasons.

Travel Tips

  • Check the travel advice for any countries you will be transiting
  • Carry a copy of your passport and insurance policy while travelling
  • Leave a copy of your passport with a family member or friend when traveling
  • We provide general travel advice in 6 languages other than English Travel advice for your community, in your language | Smartraveller