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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which visa should I apply for?

There are a range of visa options for people who want to visit, work, study or live in Australia. We endeavour to help you find relevant visa information but we will not provide you with advice on your visa eligibility. To see which Australian visa might suit you, use our Visa Finder

How much will my visa application cost?

See our list of fees and charges for visas or get an estimate of your visa application by using our visa pricing estimator

Can I apply online?

We encourage eligible applicants to apply online by creating an ImmiAccount

Where should I apply for my visa?

We encourage eligible applicants to submit an application online after creating an ImmiAccount. Applications can also be lodged in person at any Australian visa application centre in Gulf region.

What is an ImmiAccount?

ImmiAccount is the front door to all online visa services. With an ImmiAccount you can create, submit and pay for your online visa application. ImmiAccount can also be used to check the progress of your online application, upload additional documents, update your passport, email or address details. Manage your visa application more effectively with an ImmiAccount

What is an Australian Visa Application Centre?

The department has an agreement with our service delivery partner VFS Global to provide a range of visa application lodgement services at Australian visa application centres, including:

  • • pre-lodgement enquiries
  • • visa application fee payment
  • • personal identifiers (biometrics) collection
  • • application tracking

VFS Global is a commercial company working in partnership with the Commonwealth of Australia. Staff at Australian visa application centres are not employees of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and they do not have the authority to assess visa applications.

Applications submitted at Australian visa application centres are assessed and processed by DIBP staff.

What is biometrics data collection?

As part of your Australian visa application in most cases you will need to attend an Australian visa application centre and provide your fingerprints and a photograph, known as biometrics. See our online video about biometrics collection at Australian visa application centres

Do I need to provide my biometrics if I apply online?

If you lodge your application online, the department will advise you in writing if you need to provide your biometrics. For more information including where to provide your biometrics, see the list of countries and visa subclasses included in the biometrics programme

Note: Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and New Zealand citizens are excluded from biometrics collection.

How long will it take to process my visa?

For indicative processing times, see our service standards

Do I need a visa label in my passport to enter Australia?

No. Australian visa holders can travel to, enter and stay in Australia without a visa label in their passport. Your visa details are linked to the passport information you gave us in your application. At the airport, when you check-in to fly to Australia, airline staff will electronically confirm that you have a valid Australian visa before you board the plane. For more information, see electronic visa record

► How do I check if I have a valid visa without a visa label in my passport?

After your visa has been granted you can use Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) for free to check your visa status and entitlements online. Watch our short online video about checking your Australian visa details

You can also use our free myVEVO app, which allows you to view and email your current visa details via an Android or iOS mobile device.

To login to VEVO you will need your passport number plus one of the following:

  • Transaction reference number (TRN) – we give you a TRN if you applied online
  • Visa grant number – you can find this on your visa grant notification

For more information, see electronic visa record

Where do I find my Visa grant number?

Your visa grant number is on the visa grant notification we sent you by email or post. If you applied for your visa using ImmiAccount, then you can find the information there.

If you cannot find your departmental reference number or you no longer have your visa grant notification, complete the Request for reference number form and we will email you the number which you can then use to login to Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO).

What if I have been issued with a new passport since my Australian visa was granted?

You must notify us if your passport details change because your visa details are linked to your passport. After you have submitted a visa application, depending on the type of change you may be able to use ImmiAccount to update your passport details online.

For more information, see our online guide about the various ways you can notify us of changes to your passport details

Contacting the visa and citizenship section

Pre-lodgement enquiries are managed by our service delivery partner VFS Global:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +971 4 2055900 (09:00-17:00, Sunday to Thursday - See VFS Global website for Ramadan business hours)

After lodging your visa application, if you need to contact us then use the Australian Immigration Enquiry Form - United Arab Emirates

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Note: for transactions related to visas, immigration and citizenship; our client counter hours are 9am to 11am every Thursday