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Services for Australians

Services for Australians

Consular assistance

The Consular Services Charter outlines the consular services and assistance that are provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. There will be circumstances in which our ability to provide consular support may be limited. These circumstances are outlined in this document.

The Australian Embassy in Abu Dhabi has consular responsibility for Australians in Abu Dhabi and Qatar.  The Australian Consulate-General in Dubai has consular responsibility for Australians in Dubai and the northern Emirates. 

Notarial services

The Australian Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Consulate-General in Dubai can provide notarial services by appointment only. See our Legalising documents page for essential information on the services we can provide.  Fees are applied for Notarial Services.

Please note that in many cases, authorities in the UAE and Qatar require Australian documents to be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia and the relevant UAE or Qatar Embassy or Consulate in Australia before they can be accepted. You will need to confirm the requirements for your document with the UAE or Qatar authorities before making an appointment for notarial services at the Australian Embassy or Consulate-General.

Travel information for Australians

The Smartraveller website, provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade offers the latest travel advisories and other traveller hints, including to the Embassy's countries of accreditation, the UAE and Qatar.

Please subscribe to relevant travel advisories and bulletins on Smartraveller to ensure you receive an email notification each time they are updated.

We encourage you to register your details with the Australian Government through Smartraveller. This will help us to contact you or your family in the event of an emergency.


Information about Australian passports, including passport applications, compulsory documents and photograph requirements, is available on the Australian Passport Office website.

All Australian citizens must lodge their passport application in person. We are not able to accept applications by mail or courier. This helps us to protect you, by protecting the security and integrity of your Australian passport.

Please note that child applications should be lodged in person by a parent or person with parental responsibility for the child. The person lodging the application is not required to be an Australian citizen, but will need to present photographic identification for both parents at the appointment.

Passports will take up to three weeks to process from lodgement to delivery.  It is a good idea to plan the replacement of a passport well ahead of the expiry date and, if you need to travel, ensure you have sufficient time to replace passports and visas where needed. Remember that some countries require that passports have at least 6 months validity in order to permit entry or obtain a visa.

Passport fees are payable in cash or by credit card in UAE Dirhams at the nominated exchange rate (which is subject to variations).  Personal cheques will not be accepted, and no other currency is acceptable. 

All passport applications lodged overseas from 1 July 2015 will incur an additional overseas application fee of $100 for adults (including seniors) and $50 for children, payable in UAE dirhams at the nominated exchange rate (which is subject to variations).

Once we open our Embassy in Qatar, passport services will also be available in Doha. Until then applicants from Qatar should contact the Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

Contact us to make an appointment to lodge your passport application:

Abu Dhabi: or +971 2 401 7500

Dubai: or +971 4 508 7100

If you plan to lodge an application in Australia

You may wish to apply for replacement passports while in Australia. You can prepare forms and make appointments for interview ahead of departure if your time in Australia is limited. In Australia you can pay the priority processing fee and have your passport issued in 2 working days (allow additional time for delivery, if required).  Otherwise we recommend you allow up to three weeks to receive your new passport. The priority processing service is not available in the UAE or Qatar.

Letters of no objection

Please be advised that from 1 September 2015, the Australian Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Australian Consulate-General in Dubai will no longer issue personalised letters of no objection for individual Australian citizens in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Instead, Australian citizens in need of a letter of no objection can download our universal letter of no objection in English and Arabic, free of charge.  This letter applies to all Australian citizens and should be used in place of personalised letters confirming the Australian Government has no objection to:

  • An Australian citizen travelling to or through any country permitted under Australian law, or apply for a relevant visa;
  • An Australian citizen sponsoring an Australian or non-Australian family member for visa purposes;
  • A residency permit for the United Arab Emirates or Qatar being transferred from a foreign passport to an Australian passport.

Australian citizens do not require the approval of the Australian Government for any of the above.

Relevant authorities in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar have been made aware of this change.


Current Passport and Notarial Fees

Passport fees as at 1 February 2016:

Type Validity AUD AED
Adult (18+) 10 years 254 651
Child (16-17) 10 years 254 651
Child (0-15) 5 years 127 325
Senior (75+) 5 years 127 325
Frequent traveller (18+) 10 years 382 979
Overseas surcharge (18+)   102 261
Overseas surcharge (0-17)   51 131
Emergency passport   153 392


Other document types:

Certificate of Identity 153 392
Document of Identity 51 131
Convention travel document (titre de voyage) 153 392
Observation made after passport issue 15 38


Notarial fees as at 1 February 2016:

Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage 90 231
Authentication 20 51
Apostille 60 154
Binding documents 20 51
Witnessing a signature 20 51
Declaring an Oath, Affirmation or Affidavit 20 51
Witnessing the execution of a will 40 102
Certifying a copy of a document 30 77
                 plus if the consular act includes:    
                      typing of a document - for each page 20 51
                      copying of a document - for each copy of each page 2 5
Preparing a declaration or other document    
                     first 50 words, or part thereof 30 77
                     each subsequent 50 words or part thereof 20 51


Australians in Qatar

The Australian Embassy in Qatar will open in the near future.  Until then, representatives from the Australian Embassy in Abu Dhabi will continue to make regular visits to Doha to deliver notarial and consular services and accept Australian passport applications.  To ensure that you receive advance notification of visits, please register your details on Smartraveller.


Representatives from the Australian Embassy in Abu Dhabi will be in Doha on:


Tuesday 09 Feb 2016 from 0900 – 1600

Wednesday 10 Feb 2016 from 0900 – 1600


They will be operating from the business centre at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Doha.


Australian citizens who would like to submit passport applications or discuss consular matters are welcome.  Please approach the main reception counter at Grand Hyatt, Doha for directions. 


Applying for an Australian Passport


See the Australian Passports website for information on passport applications, including the current photograph guidelines.


Note: We will require originals as well as photocopies of all supporting documents for passport applications. This includes forms of ID such as driver licences.  To avoid delays, please ensure you provide photocopies of all relevant documents as well as bringing the original.


Collecting an Australian Passport


If you have received a call or email from the Embassy stating your passport is ready, you can collect it from us in Doha.  Please make sure you bring your old passport for us to cancel. If you are collecting your child’s passport, please make sure you bring your photo identification. 


If you would like to send someone else to collect your passport on your behalf, they will require written authority from you to do so.  The written authority must contain your full name, contact number and signature, as well as the full name of the person collecting the passport.  The person must present this written authority and their photo identification in order to collect your passport.


Consular and notarial services


While in Qatar, we will be able to provide notarial services including witnessing of signatures, authentications and affidavits and affirmations.  For more information about these services, including the correct preparation of your documents, please see Smartraveller.


From 1 July 2015, Australian missions overseas have been able to issue apostilles on Australian public documents. Unfortunately, due to the technical requirements for issuing an apostille, we will not be able to offer this service while in Qatar.  If you need to have an Australian public document issued with an apostille, please email so that we can assist you with the process. 


Police Clearances


We understand that the Qatari government now requires a police clearance as part of applying for a residency permit. Australian police clearances are issued by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in Canberra or by State Police - not by the Embassy.  Please visit the AFP website for instructions on applying for a police certificate.


As part of getting a police clearance, we understand that the Qatari government requires the signature on the clearance to be authenticated.  This should be done by an authorised official of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) in Australia.  You can find contact details for DFAT offices on Smartraveller .  The Embassy in Abu Dhabi can then authenticate the signature of the DFAT official.  If you require this service, please email a scanned copy of the police clearance to in advance of the consular visit to Doha, so the Embassy can check the signature, in order to be able to authenticate the original when it is presented to us in Doha.




We can only accept cash in UAE dirhams (AED); we cannot accept Qatari Riyals or credit cards since we do not have a Qatari bank account or credit card facilities. Please ensure you have UAE dirhams with you to avoid any delays.  Current fees are listed above.


Visa applications/enquiries


Embassy representatives providing consular and passport services will not be in a position to receive or discuss visa applications.  All visa enquires should be directed to the Australian Consulate-General in Dubai on + 971 4 508 7200.


More information


If you have any questions regarding the above information, the Australian Embassy in Abu Dhabi may be contacted during normal business Sunday to Thursday (noting that the UAE is one hour behind Qatar) on telephone +971 2 401 7500 and by following the relevant prompts.  Alternatively you can contact the Embassy by email:

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